A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Entry for Extra Credit Game Jam #4 


Connect. We did a very basic interpretation as in reconnecting something, in this case, a power generator XD


Arrows & Mouse


The goal of the game is to step into all the grey tiles before reaching the exit, all grey tiles can be stepped only once, grey tiles are the common ones you must go through and reactivate. (Once stepped over a grey tile an energy block will appear over then blocking movement)

White tiles allow you to move freely, you can step in them all the times you want, so use them wisely.

The yellow tile is the exit, you can exit a level only if you activated all the grey tiles.


After the "Magnetos" won the war, "Electric City" is now reduced to a village of a few.

My mother is very sick and needs energy fueled machine to live, but suddenly the energy generator started malfunctioning, some days low energy some others blackout I fear it going to stop working completely soon.

The generator is in the old factory dungeon... They say those who go down there are never seen again.

I'm going to reconnect it no matter what.


Art by Gaston.clark

Code, Design and Sound by CorvatoCafeto(@CorvatoC)


Sparky_boy(Win_64).7z 19 MB
Sparky_boy(x86_64).7z 21 MB
Sparky_boy(MacOS).zip 26 MB

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