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Santa's home in the North Pole has been attacked by the Grinch - and this time the Grinch was successful. 

You, an intrepid snowman, are the only one unharmed and the last hope of delivering happiness to children; the only one left that can save Christmas!

Submited to Godot Wild Jam #4 with the main theme Delivery and the crossover themes: The 12 Levels of Christmas, Lose to Win, Surprise!, Change a World and Christmas Sucks.

THEME:  Delivery


Visit the twelve houses of the small village to deliver the gifts,

One mysterious house is locked until you deliver seven gifts,

The twelfth, for some reason is locked until you deliver all the other gifts.


Arrows: Move

Space: Jump

(While on air) Space: Double Jump

C: Dash

E: Confirm

->You can deal damage to enemies by jumping in their heads.

->If by chance you find a boss dash it to death :P


Snowman Slushy Linux.zip 26 MB
Snowman Slushy Windows.zip 24 MB
Snowman Slushy Mac.zip 26 MB
SnowmanSlushy.pck 18 MB

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